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I just visited your MySpace~ How did you learn Japanese? ^^ And you've lived in so many places, how did you make good friends? D:

Posted by tokyo-rose on Mar 18, 08 10:09 pm

I didn't know that. I just learned something new, haha.
There's the Super Junior Sungmin (but that's not his real name), my bf Sungmin, and...yeah, that's all I know. Plus you. :p
Are you staying on CB this time?

Posted by tokyo-rose on Mar 18, 08 10:07 pm

Yeah Sung Min is a mostly a guy's name. But there's 30% of girls name Sung Min in Korea :] I know 3 Girls name Sung Min that are my friends =P I guess my name as a girl is not rare anymore^^

Posted by angel-roh on Mar 18, 08 6:57 pm

Welcome back to CB. :3 Isn't Sungmin a guy's name? o.o Or is it a name used for both sexes? Anyhow, I'm Cristy, and I welcomed you back in your intro thread too.

Posted by tokyo-rose on Mar 13, 08 4:23 pm
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